Why Some Asian Monkeys Can’t Taste Sugar

Scientists have found that Asian colobine monkeys express receptor genes for tasting sweetness, but these receptors appear less functional than those in fruit-eating monkeys.

Snow Monkeys Take Hot Baths To Destress

Taking hot spring baths during winter reduces the levels of stress hormones in Japanese macaques, researchers say.

Scientists Develop Primate Model Of Zika Virus

The primate model for the Asian-lineage Zika virus could help researchers evaluate potential vaccines and therapies, especially those that are intended for use during pregnancy.

What Goes Through The Brains Of Swinging Monkeys

Humans possess two distinct sets of neurons that help us sense linear and rotational movement, but macaques have a third set that responds to curved motion.

Monkeys Genetically Modified To Show Autism-Like Behavior

A monkey model of autism which more closely mimics the condition in humans could help researchers understand what causes the disease.

Monkeys Harbor Diverse Astroviruses, Including Human Strains

The discovery that monkeys in Bangladesh and Cambodia can harbor viruses normally found in pigs, birds and humans challenges the paradigm that astroviruses are species-specific.

Social Threat Contexts Mapped To Cortical Networks

Communication networks, and not single cells or brain regions, are responsible for contextual processing in primate brains.