mobile apps

Farming For The Future

COVID-19 has disrupted food supply chains across the globe, but agricultural technology is keeping Asia’s farming industry fertile through revolutionary apps, automated robots and more.

Tracking The Trackers

Given the diversity of Asia, it's no surprise that COVID-19 tracking apps across the continent are also powered by an assortment of frontier technologies.

New Tech For The ‘New Normal’ Workplace

Technological innovations to maintain physical distance and facilitate contactless communication will help equip workplaces transition to a new normal.

Making App Security A Priority

SMU Associate Professor Gao Debin has received two grants focused on improving the security of programs executing on desktop computers, servers and mobile devices.

Eczema Apps Inconsistent With Clinical Guidelines

A research team in Singapore has found that information in a third of eczema apps falls short of or does not agree with international guidelines.

Shifting Shared Transportation Into High Gear

SMU Assistant Professor Wang Hai uses mathematical models and big data to unravel the complexities of shared transportation systems.

An App For Putting Baby Sleep Woes To Bed

Researchers in Japan have developed a mobile app for improving the sleep habits of toddlers.

Addicted To Your Phone? There’s An App for That

Researchers have developed an app to help users restrict their mobile phone usage with the help of peer pressure.

Middle Class Budgeting: Thrifty & Traditional

More interactive and imaginative mobile apps could help families budget better, researchers say.

DNA Analyzer In Your Pocket

Analyse DNA sequences on the go with a new app which allows you to perform functions such as reverse complementation and translation.