millennium development goals

The Gates Foundation In China: Where Funding Healthcare Innovation Is Serious Business

Dr. Ray Yip, country director of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in China, shares the triumphs and challenges of working with the Chinese government to provide better public health solutions in China.

Will Indonesia’s Cash For Health Program Work?

Margaret Triyana asks whether Indonesia's proposed health program will translate into long term improvements.

Top Concerns For Asia: Mental Health, Obesity, NCDs

Mental health, obesity and non-communicable diseases are top-priority goals for the region between 2015 and 2030, according to experts from nine Asian countries and Australia.

Philippines’ Reproductive Health Law Here – Now What?

On Thursday, the Supreme Court halted the implementation of the Philippines' first reproductive health law, issuing a 120-day status quo ante to review court challenges.

Philippine Congress Passes Birth Control Bill

The Philippine Congress passed on Monday a controversial birth control bill that will make contraceptives available to the poor.

Investing In Health Again

We catch up with Dr. Sania Nishtar who was recently a panelist at the 2012 Annual Meetings of the IMF and World Bank in Tokyo, Japan.

Quality Education Still A Long Way Off In Pakistan

Despite making education a constitutional right in 2010, Pakistan is unlikely to fulfill its Millennium Development Goal of achieving universal education by 2015.

Simple Hygiene Skills Could Reduce Child Deaths In Indonesia

Poor knowledge of basic healthcare and lack of sanitation are contributing to the high number of deaths among children under the age of five in Indonesia, according to UN statistics.

Philippine Government Struggles On Family Planning Debate

The government of the Philippines aims to drastically cut maternal deaths by spending US$12 million on contraceptives in 2012, a move bitterly opposed by the Catholic Church. 

Study: Developing World Has 5% Chance Of Meeting UN Child Hunger Target

Insufficient progress has been made on halving the number of children who suffer from hunger, says a new Lancet study.