Got Milk? These Spiders Do

Scientists have discovered a species of jumping spider that is capable of producing milk for its offspring, a trait previously thought to be unique to mammals.

Pesticide In Milk Associated With Parkinson’s Disease

Exposure to a pineapple pesticide via milk intake has been linked to an increased incidence of Parkinson's in Japanese men.

Baby’s Saliva Interacts With Mum’s Milk To Fight Bad Bacteria

It turns out that baby drool is not just to annoy parents; chemical reactions between saliva and milk help to build baby's immune system.

An Essential Protein That Pumps Calcium Into Breastmilk

A study in mice has revealed that the protein Orai1 is responsible for 50 percent of the calcium ions in a mother’s milk.

How Much Fat Is In Your Milk? Milk Orange Knows

Milk Orange can instantly and quantitatively determine the fat content of milk, speeding up quality control.

Synchrotron Uncovers Nanostructure Of Milk

Scientists say that understanding the nanostructure of milk could lead to the development of vitamin-enhanced milk or even new forms of drug delivery.

Soy Versus Dairy: Which Milk Is Better For You?

Are there nutritional advantages to replacing dairy with soy milk? Suzie Ferrie discusses.