NTU And GlobalFoundries To Jointly Explore Next-Gen Memory Technology

The S$120 million partnership will see the development and deployment of a technology known as ReRAM, which boasts faster read and write speeds with lower power consumption than conventional RAMs.

Fabricating Silky Electronics On Demand

Using photolithography instead of solvents, scientists in South Korea are now able to integrate silk fibroins with microelectronic components.

HKU President Awarded The Eringen Medal

Professor Zhang Xiang was recognized for his contributions to micro- and nanoscale engineering, which has applications in microelectronics and photonics.

Hu Chenming Awarded US National Medal Of Technology & Innovation

Professor Hu Chenming was recognized for his contributions to microelectronics, which are now used industry-wide.

A Nanotech Solution For Detecting Emissions

The nanoparticle deposition system can be engineered to detect multiple kinds of gases and is easy to miniaturize and mass produce.

ANU Electronics Gets US$1.35 Million Boost From Chinese Company

The funds will be used to set up the ANU-Fenghua Joint Research and Development Center focused on small electronic devices.

Beyond LEDs: Brighter & More Efficient

Japanese scientists have used carbon nanotubes to develop a new light source that is hundred times more energy-efficient than LEDs.

Collaborating To Develop Advanced Microelectronics

A*STAR’s Institute of Microelectronics and Murata collaborate to advance advanced microelectronics technology.