Human ‘Blood Microbiome’ Disproved

In the most comprehensive study to date, Singaporean researchers have debunked the existence of a shared microbial community in healthy human blood. The breakthrough offers a vital baseline to prevent transfusion-related sepsis.

A New Way For Probing Gut Microbiome

Researchers have found a better way to classify microorganisms in our gut

In Touch With Tech Trends

Exciting innovation in robotics, health and sustainability lie on the horizon for Singapore’s technology landscape.

Turning Wastewater Into Insights

The testing of sewage and waste water could represent a powerful form of bio-surveillance, writes AMILI CEO Jeremy Lim.

From Poop To Personalized Medicine (VIDEO)

Dr. Jeremy Lim is building an Asian microbiome library that could facilitate the discovery of novel therapies for conditions ranging from irritable bowel syndrome to dementia.

How Birth Shapes The Baby’s Skin Microbiome

The mode of delivery at birth has long term consequences on a child’s skin microbiome, say scientists in China.

Gut Microbes Help Turn Up The Heat

A research group in China has demonstrated that gut microbiota contribute to the activation of brown fat which helps to maintain core body temperature under cold exposure.

Lung Microbes Promote Pulmonary Fibrosis In Mice

Chinese researchers have uncovered how lung microbiota produce outer membrane vesicles to trigger a host immune response that causes pathological progression of pulmonary fibrosis.

A Google For Microbiome Research

Scientists in China have devised a computerized scoring system to evaluate the novelty and impact of microbiome research.

Turning The Hourglass Sideways

Science is challenging the notion that aging is an inescapable fact of life. Here are six strategies that have been shown to prolong life in model organisms, and, in some cases, even humans.