A Closer Look Into Viral Dark Matter

Taking a metagenomics approach, researchers in Japan have identified phage-derived enzymes that could potentially treat an imbalance of gut bacteria.

Harmful Bacteria Hitch A Ride On Houseflies

Scientists in Singapore have sequenced the genomes of flies and their associated bacteria to demonstrate that flies may be used for disease monitoring.

10 ’Omics You Need To Know

Confused by the proliferation of ‘omics but don’t want to be left behind? Fret not, Asian Scientist Magazine has got you covered with our handy explainer on the hottest ‘omics around.

Could ‘Bee Soup’ Reading Save The Bees?

Mitochondrial genome sequencing has made it feasible to track wild bee populations over time, aiding conservation efforts.

Crowdsourcing To Solve Microbe Mysteries

The participation of citizen scientists could help complete a metagenomics project in months instead of the 40,000 years required for a single PC.

Oral Bacteria Invades Gut Of Liver Cirrhosis Patients

The gut microbiota of liver cirrhosis patients is disrupted, with a large influx of normally harmless bacteria found in the mouth.

Nutricia And GIS Collaborate On Gut Bacteria Project

Nutricia will conduct clinical trials while GIS provides the genomic analysis to better understand the interactions between nutrition and gut bacteria.