Why Viruses Strike Some People But Not Others

Metabolic stress could explain why some people get sick from flaviviral infections such as dengue fever while others don’t.

Scientists Create ‘Google Map’ For Metabolic Engineering

A team of scientists in South Korea has created a comprehensive metabolic map of pathways for synthesizing industrial bio-based chemicals.

Mapping The Diabetes Network

Researchers have combined genomics, proteomics and metabolomics data to create a comprehensive map of how insulin affects cells.

10 ’Omics You Need To Know

Confused by the proliferation of ‘omics but don’t want to be left behind? Fret not, Asian Scientist Magazine has got you covered with our handy explainer on the hottest ‘omics around.

Asia’s Rising Scientists: Li Yingrui

Data scientist Li Yingrui co-founded iCarbonX to capture the massive troves of healthcare data available to us, and with it, ‘digitalize’ life.

Get A Single Cell’s Metabolome In Minutes

Using single cell mass spectrometry, scientists now can sneak a peek at the molecular profile of individual plant cells.

Blood Pressure Lowing Ingredient in Asparagus Found

Using a targeted mass spectrometry method, researchers have identified the active ingredient in asparagus that contributes to blood pressure regulation.

£30,000 Boost For UK-China Metabolomics Data Sharing

The UK's Biotechnology and Biological Research Council has committed £30,000 to support training in managing and sharing metabolomics data and analyses.

CAS Researcher Wins Agilent Thought Leader Award

Researcher Dr. Junying Yuan has won the Agilent Thought Leader Award in recognition of her research into neurodegenerative diseases.

BGI & Partners Receive UK Funding For Metabolomics Software

BGI and its partners have received funding from the UK to develop a software platform for the analysis of metabolomics data.