Pretty Grape: How Grape Seed Extract Makes Mice Live Longer

Research from China demonstrates that a flavonoid extracted from grape seeds increases the lifespan of old mice by killing cells that promote aging.

Metabolic Defects Precede Alzheimer’s Disease, Study Finds

Researchers in Singapore have discovered that defects in cellular metabolism become detectable before the appearance of protein plaques characteristic of Alzheimer’s disease.

The Form Factor Of Sugar Matters In Weight Gain

Researchers in China have found that the consumption of sugary liquids, but not solid sugar, contributes to increased body fat in mice.

Cancer Stem Cells Addicted to Methionine, Study Shows

Singapore researchers have discovered that cancer stem cells consume the amino acid methionine much faster than it can be generated, and this vulnerability could be exploited for cancer treatment.

Making Sense Of Metabolites In Living Systems

Combining computational algorithms with mass spectrometry, scientists in Japan have devised a technique to speed up the identification and characterization of natural products.

If You Must, Eat Sugar Only When Active

Metabolic syndrome could be avoided by consuming sugar only during active parts of the day, say researchers in Japan.

Prolonged Immune Activation Changes Behavior In Mice

Scientists in Japan have demonstrated that the prolonged activation of immune cells affects the production of neurotransmitters in the brain, leading to behavioral changes.

Accurately Modelling Human Metabolism

Scientists in Korea have developed a highly accurate computational model of human metabolism by including reactions caused by different protein isoforms.

The Ups And Downs Of Hibernation-Like Daily Torpor

The key to the state of daily torpor, researchers have found, is reduced sensitivity to the fall of body temperature.

Fish Oil Switches Fat Cells From Storage To Burning

Mice fed with fish oil additives gained less weight and showed an increase in fat burning beige cells.