metabolic disease

Suppressing Parathyroid Gland Overactivity

A protein known as semaphorin3d was found to inhibit a signaling pathway that promotes parathyroid growth.

Epigenetics Makes White Fat Turn Beige

Targeting specific sites on the JMJD1A protein could help researchers transform white fat into beige fat without affecting other cellular processes.

Type 1 Diabetes On The Rise In China

New research reveals a rise in the number of Chinese being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, with adults accounting for most of the new cases.

Chinese Diabetic Patients Have Poor Blood Glucose Monitoring Habits

By analyzing data from the ORBIT study, scientists have discovered that Chinese diabetic patients do not practice good self-monitoring of blood glucose.

Brain Chemical Controls Appetite And Fat Storage

Scientists in Japan have identified the protein in the brain that controls appetite and body fat composition.

Breastfeeding For More Than A Year Lowers Risk Of Metabolic Syndrome

Mothers who breastfeed longer may lower their risk of metabolic syndrome and related disorders including high blood pressure and high cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

Protein To Carbohydrate Ratio Outweighs Calorie Counting

A study shows that for metabolic health, it is the ratio of protein to carbohydrates in the diet that matters more than the total number of calories consumed.