A Microchip Powered By Earthworm Muscle

Unlike other microchips which require external batteries, this chip developed by scientists in Japan is powered by living earthworm muscles.

Nanogram-Precision Weighing With Micro-Cantilevers

Researchers have developed a system that can measure tiny differences in weight even in a liquid environment.

Making Liquids Stay Right Where You Want Them

Additives and micro-contact printing could be used to reduce friction even in microelectromechanical systems, study says.

Mimicking Brain Cells To Boost Memory Power

Researchers have brought ultra-fast, nano-scale data storage within reach, using technology that mimics the human brain.

Abu Dhabi-Singapore Collaboration To Advance MEMS Technologies

A*STAR, GLOBALFOUNDRIES Singapore and MI have agreed to develop an R&D twin lab to advance MEMS technologies.

Collaboration To Develop Smartphones With Pico-Projectors

Singapore's Institute of Microelectronics and Taiwan's OPUS Microsystems will jointly develop micromirror technology for use in smartphones.