medical technology

How Digital PCR Unlocks Scientific Possibilities

Digital PCR has emerged as a powerful new tool in research. QIAGEN takes it a step further with its robust, scalable and well-integrated nanoplate-based digital PCR system.

The Rise Of Digital Therapeutics

Diagnosis and treatment are increasingly delivered by innovative apps and devices as digitalization and personalization take centre stage in modern healthcare.

Singapore Recognizes Two Researchers With 2022 President’s Science And Technology Awards

Two researchers were presented with the President’s Science and Technology Awards for their exceptional contributions to Singapore’s research and development ecosystem.

Putting Start-ups On The Path To Commercial Success

With more than 30 years of experience in transforming novel ideas into marketable products, IPI Innovation Advisor John Teo is keen on helping start-ups master the art of commercialisation.

Moving MedTech To Market

With a keen understanding of the medtech ecosystem, IPI Innovation Advisor Professor Ignatius Rasiah helps companies take their technology from research to market-ready products.

Creating New Technologies For Tomorrow’s Care

Experts at TechInnovation 2021 discussed the role of medical professionals and the patient journey in a post-pandemic world.

Dreeming Up A Better Rested World

With their sleep monitoring technology, the sleep science pioneers at Dreem intend to leverage new telehealth trends that have emerged amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Converting MedTech Solutions Into Clinical Sales

IPI Innovation Advisors John Teo, Yap Chew Loong and Prof Ignatius Rasiah offer valuable insights into trends, business practices and investment in the medtech industry.

No More Waiting: Tackling Viral Hepatitis In Asia

From detecting hidden cases to enabling early treatment, here’s how clinical lab diagnostics play a crucial role in overcoming the threat of viral hepatitis.

Carving A Niche—An Interview With Dr Rina Lim Of The Center For Innovation In Healthcare

Serving as the bridge between companies and clinics, the Center for Innovation in Healthcare enhances the usability and impact of novel technologies in the healthcare sector.