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No More Waiting: Tackling Viral Hepatitis In Asia

From detecting hidden cases to enabling early treatment, here’s how clinical lab diagnostics play a crucial role in overcoming the threat of viral hepatitis.

Three Ways AI Will Supercharge Lab Diagnostics

From aggregating massive patient datasets to unlocking new insights, artificial intelligence is set to transform clinical laboratories for the better.

Charging Medical Implants With Light

In the future, implanted medical devices like pacemakers could be wirelessly charged through LED patches on the skin.

7 Must-Read Stories In February 2019

February 2019 also saw dynamic shifts in scientific leadership and business, but quantum computers and quantum communication dominated the conversation.

Murder By Medical Device?

Can medical devices like pacemakers and insulin pumps be hacked? Not easily; yet cybersecurity remains a top concern as healthcare moves into the digital age.

Cicor, Your Technology Partner

Turning ideas into life-changing medical devices.

Three Teams Win Seed Funding For Silver Tech Solutions

Modern Aging Singapore 2016 has awarded a total of S$125,000 in seed funding to help bring solutions for the elderly to market.

Peptides Bridge The Artificial And Biological

Genetically engineered peptides that can bridge the gap between synthetic materials and biomolecules could be used for ‘seamless’ bioelectronic devices.

Fosun Pharma, Intuitive Surgical Establish Joint Venture in China

The two companies will research, develop, manufacture and sell robotic-assisted, catheter-based medical devices in China and beyond.

Repurposing Glucose Monitors To Detect Other Diseases

With a simple modification involving glucose-producing enzymes, a commercial glucose monitor can be used to detect other conditions such as heart disease.