The Medaka Fish’s Fear Response: Same Same But Different

The way the medaka fish responds to danger could also give scientists a better understanding of panic disorders and fear in humans.

How Being In Space Changes Gene Expression

Medaka fish grown in outer space showed changes in gene expression similar to stress responses in humans on long-term space expeditions.

To Be A Sperm Or An Egg?

Female fish without the foxl3 gene produce fully functional sperm instead of eggs in their ovaries.

Asia’s Scientific Trailblazers: Professor Kazutoshi Mori

In this edition of Asia's Scientific Trailblazers, we feature Professor Kazutoshi Mori, who won the 2014 Lasker Prize for his work on the unfolded protein response.

The Role Of Hormones In Fishy Love Triangles

Male medaka unable to produce the hormone vasotocin lose out in love triangles, research shows.