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Tech And Materials Science Come To The Fore At Singapore’s 2023 President’s Science And Technology Awards

Two of Singapore’s top scientists and three rising stars were honored at the 2023 President’s Science and Technology Award Ceremony for their scientific, technological and economic contributions to Singapore.

sustainable food packaging, antimicrobial food packaging

Smart Packaging To Keep Food Fresh For Longer

A smart food packaging material with antimicrobial properties, developed by a Singaporean-American team, could extend the shelf life of fresh produce.
surface cracks, glass fractures, water

Cracking The Mystery Of The Shattered Glass

To make building safer, scientists from South Korea have determined how water aggravates cracks on glass windows.
perovskite, memory device

A Flashy Trip Down Memory Lane

A novel memory device built by a Taiwan-Japan research team using perovskite material could enable seamless storage and high-speed data transfer.

Singapore Research Institute Launched To Study Intelligent Materials

The new Institute for Functional Intelligent Materials will be led by Professor Sir Konstantin Novoselov, who received the 2010 Nobel Prize in Physics for his work on graphene.

Capturing Curved Objects Through X-rays

A flexible X-ray created by embedding nanocrystals in rubber is paving the way for the ultra-high-resolution imaging of curved objects.

Uncovering The Secrets Of The World’s Toughest Materials

Hexagonal boron nitride’s (h-BN) exceptional toughness comes from its unique structure and composition, helping the material withstand greater stress.

Akira Yoshino: Japan’s Battery Transformer

According to Chemistry Nobel laureate Akira Yoshino, lithium-ion batteries will sit at the heart of a sustainable future society.

Illuminating The Future Of Energy In Asia

From solar panels to fuel cells, Asia's scientists are relentlessly innovating In the region's quest for energy efficiency and resource sustainability.

Behind The Mask

Move over, designer bags and sneakers—the biggest fashion trend in the post-COVID world is the face mask.