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Finding A Place For Exotic Elements In The Periodic Table

The first accurate measurements of lawrencium’s ionization potential throw up new questions on its position in the periodic table.

Pets Could Transmit Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria

Think twice before you kiss your family pet. Scientists say that household pets could be a source of antibiotic resistant bacteria.

When Two Become One, One Switches Off

In allopolypoids, which are formed when two different species merge into one, the DNA of both is conserved, but only one species' RNA is expressed, says a geneticist.

Increased Eczema Risk For Cleaners

Researchers in New Zealand have found that eczema incidence among cleaners is nearly twice that of people not exposed to cleaning agents.

Singles Need Work-Life Balance Too

Research from New Zealand has found that workers with kids do better at achieving work/life balance than singles.

Snakes & Folk Tales Meet Science In Disaster Warning

Indigenous knowledge and science often seem poles apart, but meshing them can curb disaster risk, reports Smriti Mallapaty.

Eating Blueberries May Hasten Muscle Recovery After Exercise, Study

Fruit sellers may want to stock up on New Zealand blueberries after a study found athletes who eat them recover faster from exercise.

“Eat More Protein To Lose Weight,” Study Says

Including enough protein in our diets, rather than simply cutting calories, is key to preventing excessive consumption of fats and carbohydrates, says a new study.

Blind New Zealanders Face Body Clock Battle

Nearly 3,000 blind and partially-sighted New Zealanders could be suffering from undiagnosed sleep timing disorders, according to a recent study from The University of Auckland.