Looking For New Tools Of The Trade

Develop innovative digital solutions through the Trade & Connectivity Challenge and take Singapore’s vibrant trade ecosystem to the next level.

Four Asian Scientists Elected To The Royal Academy Of Engineering

For their pioneering contributions to the engineering community, Professors Shuji Nakamura, Wu Jian-Ping, Paik Jeom Kee and Toh Chai Keong were elected as International Fellows of The Royal Academy of Engineering.

Supercomputers Take To The Sea

The advent of powerful supercomputers represents a sea change for computational fluid dynamics, a field which is helping scientists and engineers demystify the inner workings of the ocean.

Riding The HPC Wave

Supercomputers are useful in practically every stage of the oil production process. Here are five ways they play a role in the oil and gas industry.

Sailing Towards Greener Seas

Nanyang Technological University has launched a marine research laboratory to develop technologies for Singapore's maritime and offshore industry.

NTU Singapore Launches Region’s First Maritime Energy Test Bed

The Maritime Energy Test Bed will help develop green solutions for the shipping industry and serve as an educational platform for students.