Digging Into The Science Of Protein Cravings

When deprived of protein, specialized cells in our gut release a hormone telling our brain to crave food containing essential amino acids.

Study: Farm Work By Women Drives Malnutrition In India

Women’s agricultural labor a key factor in malnutrition, according to a study of 12 villages in India.

Study Reveals Unequal Access To India’s Nutrition Programs

Although India’s child nutrition program is reaching a greater number of people, the poorest of the poor still benefit less, say scientists at the International Food Policy Research Institute.

Scientists Urge A Move Away From ‘Single-Nutrient Approach’

Instead of focusing on any one nutrient in isolation, scientists are suggesting nutritional geometry, which considers how mixtures of nutrients and other dietary components influence health and disease.

That Burger Harms Not Only Your Waistline, But Your Immune System Too

A junk food diet high in saturated fat begins to harm our immune system even before the weight gain begins to show, a new study finds.

Soybean Protein Found To Improve Metabolism In Mice

Japanese researchers have found that a single intake of soybean protein improves metabolism in mice, reducing the risk for obesity.

Nutritional Seaweed Kit Wins Shell Ideas360 Audience Choice Award

A kit that makes nutritional supplements out of seaweed has topped a live audience vote at Shell’s global innovation competition.

Dads-To-Be, Please Take Your Vitamins

A father’s health at the time of conception is directly passed on to future generations—particularly if he is malnourished.

Obesity On The Rise In Indonesia

Indonesia is experiencing both under- and over-nutrition at the same time, prompting researchers to call for a public health policy overhaul.

Malnutrition High Among Lower Income Children In India

More than 80 percent of the children of housekeeping staff at a hospital were found to be malnourished.