Southeast Asia Is Ground Zero For Artemisinin Resistance, According To Map

In Southeast Asia, resistance is presumably due to the fact that there are far fewer cases of malaria so that selection pressure is greater.

Why Malaria Vaccines Just Don’t Seem To Work For Long

Antibodies aren't enough—vaccines that also generate immune cells called CD8+ T cells can protect against malaria in the longer term.

Malaria Breath Test Undergoes Field Trials

The breathalyzer device, which resembles the one used to test for drink driving, is cheaper than a blood test and requires no medical expertise to operate.

How Mosquitoes & Microbes Changed The Course Of A Canal

The Panama Canal “was dug with a microscope”—only when yellow fever and malaria were eradicated, could its construction continue.

Trapping Drugs In Malaria Parasite ‘Stomachs’

By trapping chloroquine in the digestive vacuole of the malaria parasite, this hybrid drug effectively kills drug-resistant strains.

Drug Resistant Malaria Parasites Not Spread By Mosquitoes

Although resistance to the drug atovaquone helps malaria parasites survive in mammalian hosts, the mutation kills them during the mosquito phase of their life cycle.

Transmission-Blocking Malaria Vaccine Gets Funding Boost

This malaria vaccine candidate is given to humans but targets mosquitoes, and clinical trials may commence in as little as four years.

Japanese Fund Invests In The Eradication Of Malaria & TB

GHIT Fund, a public-private partnership that seeks to nurture Japan's R&D, has invested in a malaria vaccine and rapid field test.

Thailand’s Scientist In Office

Professor Yongyuth Yuthavong, deputy prime minister of Thailand, speaks to Asian Scientist Magazine about his vision for science in Thailand and the ASEAN region.