Male Farmers In Malaysia More Prone To ‘Monkey Malaria’

A new study suggests that adult male farmers in Malaysia are four times more likely to contract ‘monkey malaria’ than other members of their community.

Malaria May Cause Bone Loss

Bone loss is a hidden pathology for people who have been infected with the malaria parasite, study says.

A Crabby Solution To Malaria

A mixture of silver nanoparticles and chitin from the shells of crabs can inhibit the growth of malaria-carrying mosquito larvae, study shows.

Asia’s Scientific Trailblazers: Amit Sharma

Dr. Amit Sharma is leading the charge in the search for new drugs against the ancient scourge of malaria.

Two Genetic Markers Linked To Anti-malarial Drug Resistance

Two genetic markers were strongly associated with the malaria parasite's ability to resist piperaquine, an anti-malarial drug.

GHIT Fund Invests Further US$11.4 Million In Malaria And Tuberculosis Research

GHIT Fund is ramping up investments for researchers working on antimalarial and tuberculosis drugs and treatments.

Researchers Crowdsource For Novel Malarial Drugs

Once the domain of IT, researchers have adopted a crowdsourced approach to finding alternatives to artemisinin for malarial treatment.

Malaria’s Best Defense Is Also Its Achilles’ Heel

Mutations to a protein that enables the malaria parasite to evade several anti-malarial drugs can make it vulnerable to other drugs, a study has found.

Common Malaria Species Is Evolving: Study

Researchers have found that the Plasmodium vivax strain is genetically diverse across countries, making it difficult to eliminate.