magnetic resonance imaging

Navigating Cancer Treatment With The Tiniest Of Tools

A new soft robotic laser could allow surgeons to conduct head and neck surgeries without damaging critical structures in the vicinity.

WEF 2020 Young Scientists Include Eight From Asia

From neuroscience to satellite research, eight scientists based in Asia were honored as part of the World Economic Forum’s Class of 2020 Young Scientists.

Seeing The Magnetic Field Of A Single Atom Up Close

An international team of scientists has performed an MRI scan of the magnetic field of single atoms.

Pace Of Information Processing Differs In Autistic Brains

Autism is linked to random activity in the sensory cortices and slower processing in the right caudate of the brain, researchers say.

MRIs Made With Patients In Mind

Breakthrough MRI technologies promise better quality images in a shorter span of time without compromising patient comfort.

A Robotic Brain Surgeon That Works Inside An MRI Machine

A research team in Hong Kong has designed a neurosurgical robotic system capable of performing bilateral stereotactic neurosurgery inside an MRI machine.

Giving NMR A Signal Boost

Scientists have modified the nuclear magnetic resonance method to collect light signals in addition to radio signals, thus broadening the utility of the technology.

Professor Seiji Ogawa Receives The 2017 Keio Medical Science Prize

Professor Seiji Ogawa of Tohoku Fukushi University has been awarded the 22nd Keio Medical Science Prize for his work on functional MRI.

Repurposing Brain Imaging To Detect Kidney Disease

Scientists have used brain imaging techniques to replace invasive biopsies in diagnosing kidney diseases.

Nanodiamonds Light Up Liver Tumors

Using nanodiamonds as an MRI contrast agent makes hidden tumors appear, even at a low dose.