Teasing Out The Three Subtypes Of Liver Cancer

By combining genomic data with information about patients’ immunological status, scientists in Japan can now better characterize hepatocellular carcinoma.

Too Much ETP Is Bad For The Liver

Elevated levels of endotrophin, or ETP, result in liver cell death, leading to inflammation and fibrosis of the liver, scientists find.

Feasible To Treat Hepatitis C At Scale, Study

A decentralized, algorithm-based public health model helped cure over 90 percent of patients with hepatitis C virus infections in Punjab, India.

Exposing A Silent Killer: Liver Disease

Non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) is set to become the number one cause of liver transplants, but innovative imaging modalities are paving the way for much needed new drugs.

Gene Controls Whether Liver Cells Double Or Die

A molecule called YAP regulates the size of the liver by determining whether liver cells proliferate or die in response to damage.

How The Liver Gets Rid Of Excess Bile

Using a cell culture system that mimics the structure of actual livers, scientists now understand how excess bile is removed from blocked ducts in the liver.

Could A Pill Be Used To Rebuild The Liver? (VIDEO)

Researchers have discovered a small molecule inhibitor that promotes liver tissue regeneration, which may pave the way for medicines that help to rebuild organs.

Too Much Salt Can Harm Fetal Liver

As bad as a diet high in salt can be for adults, it could be even worse for babies still developing in the womb.

“Lab-In-A-Needle” Detects Liver Toxicity In 30 Minutes

Scientists have developed a microfluidics device that can quickly detect liver toxicity, a common side effect during chemotherapy.

Why Some Skinny People Still Get Fatty Liver

Researchers have identified a mutation in a gene, carried by 20 percent of all Japanese, associated with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease in normal weight patients.