liver disease

Takeda Commits US$100 Million To Regenerative Medicine Startup Ambys

Takeda has committed US$100 million to support the development of therapies for chronic liver diseases at Ambys.

Thyroid Hormone Reduces Fatty Liver In Diabetics

Researchers have found that low dose thyroid hormone supplementation may help reduce non-alcoholic fatty liver disease in male patients with type 2 diabetes.

Six Steps To Turn Stem Cells Into Liver Cells

Scientists have devised a method to generate large numbers of pure liver cells from stem cells.

Johnson & Johnson Innovation Invests US$3.9 Million In Singapore R&D

Three Singapore-based teams working on myopia, cancer and liver disease will receive funding over the next three years.

Amino Acid Protects Liver From Oxidative Stress

Scientists in China revealed that the amino acid serine may prevent non-alcoholic fatty liver disease by alleviating oxidative stress.

Exposing A Silent Killer: Liver Disease

Non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) is set to become the number one cause of liver transplants, but innovative imaging modalities are paving the way for much needed new drugs.

New Drug Targets For Rare Kidney And Liver Disease Identified

Scientists in Japan, Spain and the US have discovered that a rare kidney and liver disease is caused by a defect in the protein degradation pathway of cells.

Liver Fibrosis-Fighting Hormones Found

Insulin-like growth factor-I has been shown to reduce fatty deposits, inflammation and fibrosis in mice with symptoms of non-alcoholic liver disease.