liver cancer

Fighting Liver Cancer, A ‘Silent Killer’ Stalking Asia

From driving patient awareness to strengthening healthcare policies, countries in the Asia Pacific region are tackling liver cancer in innovative ways.

Stamping Out Liver Cancer With Inhibitor Drugs

A team of scientists in Singapore has identified a vulnerable pathway in stem-like liver cancer cells which can be targeted to inhibit tumor formation.

Two-Pronged Approach Improves Liver Cancer Patient Outcomes

A procedure that cuts off blood supply to tumors, combined with a small molecule inhibitor drug sorafenib, improves the survival of advanced-stage liver cancer patients.

Engineering T-Cells To Home In On Liver Cancer

Researchers in Singapore have selected, designed and engineered patient-specific T cells that target hepatitis B-infected liver cancer cells.

Teasing Out The Three Subtypes Of Liver Cancer

By combining genomic data with information about patients’ immunological status, scientists in Japan can now better characterize hepatocellular carcinoma.

Too Much ETP Is Bad For The Liver

Elevated levels of endotrophin, or ETP, result in liver cell death, leading to inflammation and fibrosis of the liver, scientists find.

US FDA Approves LENVIMA For Unresectable Liver Cancer

Lenvatinib mesylate was shown to improve overall survival in patients with unresectable liver cancer.

Lion TCR’s T-Cell Therapy Gets Phase I/II Trial Approval

Singapore’s Health Sciences Authority has approved Lion TCR’s Phase I/II clinical study of immunotherapy for liver cancer.

A Peptide That Protects Against Liver Cancer

Scientists in Singapore have developed a peptide drug that interferes with a molecular interaction that drives liver cancer progression.

How Nutmegs May Protect The Liver

A research group in China has demonstrated that a compound in nutmegs—myrislignan—promotes liver health in mice.