liquid crystal

A Dye-Free Method To Manufacture LCDs

Researchers in Japan have developed a scanning wave photopolymerization method for producing liquid crystal displays without the need for dyes.

Contouring The Structure Of DNA With A Make-Up Brush

Using an ordinary make-up brush, researchers in Korea were able to produce a well-aligned DNA zigzag pattern.

Materials Scientist Awarded 32nd Japan Prize

Professor Hideo Hosono, the man behind liquid crystal displays for tablets and organic light-emitting diode displays for TVs, has been recognized for his achievements.

Using Topological Defects To Engineer Self-Healing Materials

Nematic liquid crystals, commonly found in television displays, could find wider applications as a controllable scaffold for nano-sized colloids.

Clear Windows That Double Up As LCD Screens

Researchers have succeeded in developing liquid crystals that can rapidly switch between clear and opaque states.

Liquid Crystals For Printable Solar Panels

High performance liquid crystals could pave the way for printable and more environmentally friendly solar panels.

Tight Spaces Make Liquid Crystals Helical

The ability to create helical liquid crystal nanostructures could spur new growth in liquid crystal-related industries such as LCD screens.

Ultra-thin 3D Displays For The Future

Researchers have developed a three-dimensional liquid crystal display which is thinner and more energy efficient.

Merck To Open Second Largest Plant In China

Merck has invested US$134 million in China over the last three years, including the Nantong facility which will be their second largest plant globally.