light emitting diodes

Blue Light Could Treat Alzheimer’s Disease

A combination of blue LED light and light-activated porphyrin has been shown to reduce symptoms of an Alzheimer’s-like disease in fruit flies.

Street Lamp Targets Dengue Fever

A wind- and solar-powered LED light that attracts and traps mosquitoes could help reduce the number of dengue cases in Asia.

A Flash Of Brilliance: An Interview With Shuji Nakamura

Asian Scientist Magazine catches up with Nobel laureate Shuji Nakamura as he reflects on his own journey of discovery and where his company, Soraa, will be taking LEDs next.

‘Off-The-Shelf’ Flexible LEDs

Why reinvent the wheel when pre-existing technologies can be used to make flexible LEDs?

Fiber-Like Polymer LEDs Developed

Dip coating could help make wearable polymer LEDs much cheaper to manufacture, scientists say.

7 Must-Read Stories In July 2015

Singaporean stories proved popular in July, making up five of the top seven most read articles.

Blue LEDs For Chemical-Free Food Safety

Researchers have discovered that blue LED light could be used to kill common food-borne pathogens without the need for chemical treatment.

Quantum Dots Make Bright, White LEDs

Using silicon quantum dots, scientists have developed a simple way to fabricate white-blue LEDs with high current and optical power densities.

Wearable LED Technology Made From Quantum Dots

Researchers in Korea have fashioned wearable LED technology that is ultrathin and can be applied to human skin like a sticker.

Asia’s Rising Scientists: Aisa Mijeno

As part of our monthly Asia's Rising Scientists series, we talk to Aisa Mijeno, professor at De La Salle University—Lipa and co-founder & CEO of SALt.