Looking Back And Ahead: How A Scientist In Singapore Breaks Ground In Cancer Research

Known for his work on chronic myeloid leukemia, Dr Ong Sin Tiong at Duke-NUS Medical School continues to shed light on the mechanisms of drug resistance in this hematologic cancer.

Researchers Find A Gene To Regulate Leukemia

Pusan National University scientists have discovered that SURF4, a novel gene, can help regulate leukemia progression.

Molecular Machines Make Drug Delivery More Precise

Researchers in Hong Kong have developed macromolecules with ‘mechanical arms’ that can actively control the delivery of drugs released to targeted cancer cells.

How Fusion Genes Lead To Leukemia

Researchers in Japan have identified a recurring fusion gene associated with poor prognosis in pediatric T-cell lymphoblastic leukemia.

Targeting Super-Enhancers To Fight Leukemia

The protein TAL1 activates a ‘molecular switch’ that triggers a cluster of genes leading to the cancerous growth of T-cell precursors.

Herbal Drug Proves Effective Against AML

A drug from a plant used in traditional Chinese medicine could help leukemia patients who are resistant to existing treatment.

Fighting Leukemia Cells By Cutting Off Their Oxygen Source

Researchers have identified the signaling pathway that enables leukemia cells to maintain their oxygen-dependent energy metabolism and ability to divide.

Leukemia Drug Could Treat Type 2 Diabetes

A drug currently used for leukemia has been shown to improve insulin sensitivity while causing less side effects than other drugs.

Treating Childhood Leukemia With Fewer Side Effects

Screening for variations in the NUDT15 gene could help reduce the dangerous side effects of a commonly used leukemia drug.

Childhood Leukemia Drug Shows Promising Results

A drug already in use for adults could also help children affected with an aggressive subtype of leukemia.