Humble Leadership Boosts Learning And Growth

Teachers share and learn better together under humble leadership, according to researchers from China and the United States.

How The Venus Flytrap Remembers Without A Brain

No brain? No problem! Through changes in calcium ion concentration, the Venus flytrap can store ‘memories’ of its prey.

Nearly Half Of Indian Teens Don’t Fare Well In School Due To Hunger

Food insecurity is linked to lower test scores in adolescents, according to an international team of researchers.

i-Tiles For Teaching Special Needs Students

Scientists in Singapore have developed an interactive education system to help students with special needs learn better.

Chimps Can Play Rock-Paper-Scissors

Using the rock-paper-scissors game, scientists in Japan and China have shown that chimpanzees can learn simple circular relationships.

Sniffing Out Social Memories

Using molecular and behavioral observation techniques in mice, scientists in China have uncovered the basis of socially-dependent, odor-based learning and memory.

Easy As One, Two, Three? Kids Learn Quantifiers In Order, Despite Language

No matter what language they speak, children learn words of quantity such as ‘all’, ‘some’ or ‘none’ in the same order.

Memories Labelled And Erased With Light

Researchers have developed an optogenetic probe that can both label individual neurons and erase memories in the brains of mice.

Precise, Reversible Control Of Calcium Flux

By combining optogenetics with the Ca2+ sensor STIM1, scientists now have unprecedented control over Ca2+ influx into a cell in vitro and in vivo.

The Chemistry Underlying Learning In Worms

Using a simple behavioral test, scientists found two neuromodulatory signaling molecules underlying non-associative learning in C. elegans.