Lasers Help Probe Past Climates In Ice Cores

Researchers from RIKEN have developed a laser melting sampler to study ancient glacial ice cores.

Meet The World’s Fastest Random Number Generator

Don't be fooled by its tiny size—a new laser can generate 254 trillion random numbers per second.

To Accelerate Electrons, Multiple Laser Beams Are Better Than One

Using multiple high-energy laser beamlets, researchers in Japan were able to accelerate electrons more efficiently.

A Cheaper Way To Make Artificial Compound Eyes

Researchers in China have devised a low-cost method to manufacture artificial compound eyes.

Measuring The Shape Of Lasers Without A Vacuum

Using two superimposed lasers, scientists in South Korea have devised a fast and high resolution method to measure ultraviolet, visible and longer wavelength pulses.

Diagnosing Glaucoma In A Blink

The GonioPEN causes less discomfort and can detect glaucoma more quickly and less expensively than current diagnostic methods.

Ready For Liftoff

With technological advances lowering barriers to entry for startups and smaller players, it’s all systems go for Singapore space tech.

Building Tiny But Powerful Lasers

Scientists from Japan and the US have used a method called Q switching to amplify the power output of a small laser.

A Simpler Way To Amp Up High-Frequency Lasers

Researchers have used liquids to develop a high power tabletop radiation source in the terahertz region of the electromagnetic spectrum.

Embedding Tiny Lasers In Silicon Wafers

Using a technique known as epitaxy, researchers have created micron-sized lasers on silicon semiconductor wafers.