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Two Sides Of The Same Plant: Mismatched Responses To Warming

Climate warming induces different responses in plant growth patterns above and below ground, potentially disrupting ecosystem stability.

Tarim basin mummies, genomic origins

Digging Up The Genetic Origins Of Inner Asia’s Mummies

Genomic analysis of the Tarim Basin mummies has revealed their origins as a local group in China's Xinjiang region, rather than a migratory population.

China’s Drylands And Deserts Are Expanding

Semi-arid land in China has expanded in recent decades and will probably continue to expand, with implications for food and water security.

Scientists Reveal How Humans Spread Onto Tibetan Plateau

Based on a comprehensive review of past archaeological work, researchers in China have proposed how ancient humans spread onto the Tibetan Plateau.

Could Beer Be Good For Your Brain?

Xanthohumol, a compound found in beer hops, has been shown to have a protective effect in a rat neural cell line.

Chinese Scientists Unravel Genome Of Desert Poplar

Researchers in China have unraveled the whole genome sequence of desert poplar and the genetic bases underlying its adaptation to salt stress.