Your Students Hate Math? Try Gestures

Gestures and hand motions can help engage and enhance students learning and understanding of mathematics, suggest researchers from China, Iran and Australia.

What Speaking Multiple Languages Does To The Brain

The benefits of speaking multiple languages can be seen in the brain, according to a South Korean study of young children.

Sowing The Seeds Of Language

Interdisciplinary research suggests the Transeurasian language family was started and spread by a group of early farmers in China around 9,000 years ago.

Bilingualism Delays The Brain’s Aging Process

If you can speak two languages, sticking with one or the other could help prevent age-related cognitive decline, scientists say.

Different Languages Convey Information At Similar Rates

Researchers in Hong Kong have found that all languages convey information at similar rates, regardless of whether they are spoken faster or slower.

New Language Found In Southeast Asia (VIDEO)

Researchers have discovered a new language spoken by about 280 people in a small village in northern peninsula Malaysia.

Language Ability Equally Affected By Nature And Nurture

Genetic and environmental factors have an equally strong influence on a pattern of brain activity associated with language ability.

Easy As One, Two, Three? Kids Learn Quantifiers In Order, Despite Language

No matter what language they speak, children learn words of quantity such as ‘all’, ‘some’ or ‘none’ in the same order.

Mum Speaks Mandarin? Expect Baby To Have A Singsong Cry

Babies whose mothers speak a tonal language exhibit a more melodic crying pattern, according to a study.

Home-Culture Images May Impair Second-Language Skills, Study

A new study shows that exposure to home culture images may impair second-language skills in bicultural individuals.