laboratory tools

Rooting Life Science Research In Reliability

Having the right laboratory balances and water purification systems not only helps to optimize workflows, but also ensures consistency and repeatability in life science research.

No More Waiting: Tackling Viral Hepatitis In Asia

From detecting hidden cases to enabling early treatment, here’s how clinical lab diagnostics play a crucial role in overcoming the threat of viral hepatitis.

Setting Up Singapore’s Scientific Ecosystem For Success

To empower local researchers in their pursuit of great science, A*STAR’s Research Support Centre in Singapore offers expertise, scientific services and technological support all in one platform.

Three Ways AI Will Supercharge Lab Diagnostics

From aggregating massive patient datasets to unlocking new insights, artificial intelligence is set to transform clinical laboratories for the better.

Accelerating The Path To Cell Therapy Commercialization

With its modular design and flexibility, Thermo Fisher Scientific’s innovative GibcoTM CTSTM Rotea Counterflow Centrifugation System enables the scalable and cost-effective commercialization of cell therapies.

Brand New & Cooler Than Ever

PHC Corporation, formerly known as Panasonic Healthcare Co., Ltd., is rolling out its eco-friendly, ergonomic and smart TwinGuard series of freezers under its life sciences brand, PHCbi.

Towards Greener Laboratories

With Panasonic Healthcare’s energy-saving freezer technologies, high-impact research doesn’t have to leave a mark on the environment.

Picking Up Single Cells Accurately & Cheaply

By modifying the ubiquitous benchtop pipette, researchers have developed a cheap way to isolate single cells.