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15 Winners Recognized For Asian Scientist Lab Tech Of The Year 2021

The national competition organized by Asian Scientist Magazine honors 15 laboratory technicians who are making waves in Singapore’s research and innovation ecosystem.

Celebrating Science’s Unsung Heroes: Lab Techs

The Asian Scientist Lab Tech of the Year 2019 award shines the spotlight on the laboratory technicians who make invaluable contributions to Singapore’s research landscape.

Don’t Let Those Cell Lines Get Out Of Line

Do you really know the identity of the cell lines you’re working with? Here are some ways to find out.

Amicable Authorship

Deciding on a paper’s authors should be easy, but is it?

Conflict Control In The Lab

Disputes among lab members are inevitable, but tackling them promptly and proactively is key.

When Wanderlust Meets Wonderlust

Are you ready to plan your first trip to a scientific conference? Here are five tips to get you started.

New Lab, New Start

Switching labs can be scary, but the right mindset can help you embrace the change.

Peer Review, Not Poor Review

First time on the giving end of the peer review process? Fret not, graduate student, here are some tips to get you started.

Being A Scientist Is Like…

It can be tough explaining to a young person what being a scientist is like. Here are some creative ways to go about it.

Future-Proof Me

Our columnist Alice thinks that coding and writing skills, coupled with emotional intelligence and cultural sensitivity, are keys to survival in a globally connected and digital future.