kyushu university

How Sika Deer’s Overpopulation Led To Forest Decline in Kyushu

Sika deer ate away the understorey vegetation of Kyushu’s Beech forest, leading to soil erosion and exposed roots in the area.

A Big Feat: Scientists Have Turned Skin Cells Into Limb Cells

The finding opens up possibilities for using these transformed cells in regenerative therapies.

Green Bioplastics Can Help Reduce Plastic Waste In Japan

A new study sheds light on the potential of green bioplastics in achieving Japan’s carbon-neutral goals.
perovskite, memory device

A Flashy Trip Down Memory Lane

A novel memory device built by a Taiwan-Japan research team using perovskite material could enable seamless storage and high-speed data transfer.

Seeing Thick OLEDs In A New Light

A research group in Japan has found that perovskite can be used in the development of thick organic light-emitting diodes that function on par with their OLED-only counterparts.

Starve & Squeeze To Keep Egg Cell Supply Fresh

Researchers in Japan have shown that reduced oxygen and mechanical compression play roles in achieving and maintaining a dormant state in mouse egg cells.

Elastic Polymers That Spontaneously Heal Themselves

Scientists in Japan have found a method to produce a self-healing material that does not require external stimuli to trigger its healing properties.

Fewer Cells But Greater Precision

A research group in Japan has developed a technique to perform epigenomic profiling with much fewer cells than existing methods.

Chihaya Adachi Receives 2018 Nagoya Silver Medal

Professor Chihaya Adachi was conferred the award for his research on high-performance organic light-emitting transistors and laser diodes.

Robotic Bloodhound Picks Scents Off The Ground

Scientists in Japan have used a technique known as localized surface plasmon resonance to develop a robot ‘bloodhound’ that is highly sensitive to odors.