Sowing The Seeds Of Language

Interdisciplinary research suggests the Transeurasian language family was started and spread by a group of early farmers in China around 9,000 years ago.

7 Must-Read Stories In August 2017

A bird flu outbreak in the Philippines and how flu viruses develop an eggshell-like layer in birds are among the most popular stories in August 2017.

South Korea’s Science Chief Resigns After Public Backlash

Haunted by scandal, Professor Park Ky-young resigns after just four days as chief of South Korea’s Science, Technology and Innovation Office.

Cha Hyung Joon Receives Inventor Of The Year Award

For his invention of a tissue adhesive inspired by mussels, Professor Cha Hyung Joon from POSTECH was conferred the Inventor Of The Year Award.

Asia’s Scientific Trailblazers: Han Seung Soo

Han Seung Soo, the UN special envoy for disaster risk reduction and water, seeks to create greater awareness water-related disasters.

First Korean Genome Sequenced

This genome sequence, the most contiguous and complete human genome mapped to date, may be beneficial to the field of precision medicine.

Asia’s Rising Scientists: Seo Myungeun

Seo Myungeun was inspired to go into chemistry by his father, and his efforts have resulted in him winning the 2015 Wiley-PSK JPS Young Scientist Award.

China’s R&D Spending Grew 18.3% Annually: UNESCO

According to the UNESCO Institute for Statistics' new data tool, China is achieving an astonishing average annual growth rate of 18.3 percent in R&D spending.

Korean Startup Among Bayer’s Grants4Apps Accelerator 2016 Winners

Vital Smith, a Korean startup specialising in technology for diagnostic devices, was one of four winning teams from Bayer's global open innovation program.

These Semi-Transparent Solar Cells Could Also Serve As Windows

Korean researchers have developed semi-transparent solar cells that reflect solar heat energy and could one day be used as solar windows.