korea university

Taking Matters Into Robotic Hands

Researchers from South Korea have built a highly dextrous robotic hand capable of tactile sensation, precise grasping and tool manipulation.

Five Scientists From Asia Named 2021 Citation Laureates

Clarivate’s 2021 selection of Citation Laureates honored five scientists from Asia for their transformative work in physiology and chemistry.

Gold Layers Boost Water Splitting Efficiency

By sandwiching an ultrathin layer of titanium dioxide between gold, researchers have boosted the light absorption range of water splitting catalysts.

Zinc-Based Transistors For Lightning Fast Screens

Korean scientists have created a thin-film transistor that is ten times faster than what is currently commercially available.

7 Must-Read Stories In August 2015

In our August 2015 roundup, read all about the latest in CRISPR and cell reprogramming, parasitic wasps and how to found a medical school.

A Brain-Controlled Exoskeleton Could Help The Disabled Walk Again

Researchers have built a brain-computer interface system that allows users to direct a walking aid simply by using their eyes.

Wafer-Scale Graphene Compatible With Silicon Manufacturing

An easy, scalable and direct method for producing large area graphene wafers could help make graphene technology commercially viable.

Stretchable Loudspeakers Developed

Engineers have created a stretchable acoustic device that functions as loudspeaker, microphone and recording device.

Sound Can Enhance Sight, But Only If You Can Read Music

Listening to music enhances the ability to discriminate between conflicting information from the left and right eyes, but only if the person can read musical scores.

Poor Nations Concerned About Coping With MERS

With weaker health systems, developing nations are concerned that MERS will spread rapidly if imported into their countries by travelers.