korea institute of science and technology

Powering Through The Pandemic With Supercomputers

By performing trillions of calculations per second, supercomputers are accelerating COVID-19 diagnosis and the development of test kits and vaccines to help scientists combat the pandemic.

artificial blood vessel

Ensuring Transplant Success With Artificial Blood Vessels

To reduce the risk of a rejected organ transplant, a team from South Korea has built an artificial blood vessel platform that mimics real blood flow and clotting.

Disposable Kit Detects Airborne Viruses Within An Hour

Developed by a South Korean team, the kit can both sample and detect airborne viruses within 50 minutes on-site.

Closing In On The Cause Of Alzheimer’s Disease

The unpredictability of Alzheimer's disease may be partly caused by changes in star-shaped cells in the brain called astrocytes, find scientists from South Korea.

Training Robots To Copy Human Movements

Soft robots can now learn how to perform complex movements simply by mimicking the muscle contractions of humans.

GABA: A New Target For Alzheimer’s Drugs

The discovery that GABA production by reactive astrocytes causes memory loss in Alzheimer's patients could lead to new ways to treat the disease.

Bypassing Graphene With Polymers

Scientists have synthesized a defect-free graphene-like material using polymers, accelerating the development of cheap and efficient solar cells.