kk womens and childrens hospital

All In The Genes

Precision medicine could reveal the secrets of Asia’s collective DNA without carrying the risks of consumer genetic testing. Here’s how.

Sequencing Telomeres In A Snap

Researchers in Singapore have developed a new system for accurate and speedy telomere profiling, which could impact the diagnosis of age-related diseases.

Singapore Hospital To Attempt Guinness World Records Title

Were you born in KK Women's and Children's Hospital? On October 16 at Bishan Stadium, the hospital will be attempting a world record for the largest reunion of people born at the same hospital.

Gene Variation Could Protect Against ‘Chemobrain’

A genetic variation in the BNDF gene affects whether women undergoing chemotherapy experience the side effect of cognitive impairment.

Epidural? It’s Up To You

A study of 15,752 first-time mothers shows that whether the epidural is taken early or late does not affect the need for a Caesarean section.

How The Immune System Fights Off Malaria

Study reveals immune cells that are critical to combating the malaria parasite in early stages of infection.

‘Brittle-Bone Babies’ Treated In The Womb With Stem Cells

Researchers have treated babies with congenital bone disease by injecting them with bone-forming stem cells while they were still in the womb.

Mode Of Action Of Plerixafor Unraveled

Scientists have discovered the exact mode of action by plerixafor, a drug commonly prescribed to stimulate immune responses in patients suffering from neutropenia.

Gene For Bones & Connective Tissue Disorders Identified

Researchers have identified a gene that when mutated is responsible for a spectrum of disorders affecting the bones and connective tissue.