Using Kangaroo Cartilage To Model Human Joints

Tests on kangaroo shoulder joints reveal how shoulder and knee cartilages behave differently, informing the design of joint replacements.

Mitochondrial DNA Sheds Light On Kangaroo Family Tree

Using DNA from extinct giant marsupials, scientists have shown that the banded hare-wallaby is closer to kangaroos than was previously thought.

Kangaroos Eating Lizards Out Of House & Home

While they may be cute and cuddly, kangaroos are also a threat to many of Australia's vulnerable reptile species.

Kangaroos Use Tail As Fifth Leg

Kangaroo tails are surprisingly powerful, providing as much force as their front and hind legs combined, study shows.

Male Kangaroos Woo Mates With Bulging Biceps

A male kangaroo’s forearm size could be a sexually selected trait and help them find a mate, a new study has found.