Asia’s Scientific Trailblazers: Lee Sang Yup

By tweaking the metabolic pathways of living organisms, Professor Lee Sang Yup is maximizing the synergy between biology and chemistry for the benefit of industry and society.

HUBO To The Rescue

Grace Chua speaks to Professor Oh Jun Ho of KAIST to find out how DRC-HUBO beat 22 other robots to emerge the winner of the 2015 DARPA robotics challenge.

Hello, World! Meet 10 Made-In-Asia Robots

Here in tech-crazy Asia, robots occupy a special place in our hearts, homes and workplaces.

New Technology Gives Materials That Raw Magnetism

This magnetic material-based data storage technology has potential applications in high-speed massive data transfer.

KAIST, Technical Uni of Denmark To Collaborate On Startup Programs

South Korea's KAIST and the Technical University of Denmark will collaborate through startup programs, education and research.

Asia’s Rising Scientists: Seo Myungeun

Seo Myungeun was inspired to go into chemistry by his father, and his efforts have resulted in him winning the 2015 Wiley-PSK JPS Young Scientist Award.

14 Inspiring Innovators From Asia

Meet some of Asia's best and brightest engineers and inventors.

2016 QS Uni Rankings: Singapore Universities Retain Their Lead

The National University of Singapore and Nanyang Technological University, Singapore are first and third respectively in this year's rankings.

Six Awarded South Korea’s 2016 Ho-Am Prize

The Prize, South Korea's version of the Nobel Prize, awarded six deserving individuals for their contributions to science, engineering, medicine, arts and community service.

Holographic Microscope Allows Stain-Free 3D Imaging Of Live Cells

This microscope, named holotomography-1, could potentially transform how cell observation is performed.