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Gaps In Young Star’s Gas Disk Could Indicate Baby Planets

Two gaps in the gas disk around the young star, HL Tauri, are evidence of what might be newly-formed planets—challenging the belief that planets take millions of years to form.

‘Hunger Hormone’ Protects Against Aging-Related Diseases In Mice

Rikkunshito, a traditional Japanese herbal medicine, could have beneficial effects on aging-related disorders in mice.

Bacteria Could Help Clean Up Radioactive Soil

A highly acidic protein from salt-loving bacteria could be used to remove radioactive cesium from contaminated soil.

Japanese Catfish Use pH To Locate Prey

By detecting the changes in pH as underground sea worms breathe, Japanese catfish are able to find their prey even in murky water.

On-Off Switch For Inflammation In Allergic Asthma and COPD Identified

Research shows that two receptors of an inflammatory molecule play opposite roles in inflammation, suggesting new strategies for treatment.