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Japan’s Fugaku Crowned The World’s Fastest Supercomputer

For the first time in history, the same machine has topped all three of rankings of the most powerful supercomputers in the world.

Not Just Industrious, But Intelligent

High-performance computing is transforming the face of manufacturing while augmenting the way factories and facilities operate.

K Computer Accurately Models Aerosol Effects

Using the K computer, scientists in Japan have accurately modelled the impact of aerosols on cloud formation.

China Overtakes The US On The TOP500 Ranking

For the first time since its inception, the number of supercomputers on the TOP500 list installed in China has surpassed that of the United States.

Build Your Own Supercomputer For Less Than $1,000

It is possible to build your own supercomputer using parts you can easily buy off the shelf. Just don’t expect it to be on the next TOP500 list.

When It Rains, K Computer Can Tell You If It Will Pour, Too

With the powerful K supercomputer, researchers in Japan can now predict the occurrence of torrential rains with much greater accuracy.

Calcium Isotope Holds Clue To Neutrino Mass Mystery

The secret to determining the mass of neutrinos, which are thought to be both matter and antimatter, could finally be unlocked by experiments measuring the decay of calcium-48.

Predicting Tsunamis With Supercomputers

Collaborative research between Tohoku University and Fujitsu has produced a faster tsunami prediction model.

How Bubbles Ripen In Supercomputers & Champagne

Simulations run on the K supercomputer involving 700 million particles have shed light on the physics of bubbles.

K Computer Runs Largest Simulation Of Global Weather

Using the K computer, scientists have performed the largest ensemble simulation of global weather to date, involving 10,240 parallel simulations.