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Asia’s Scientific Trailblazers: Miyoko Watanabe

Ever since she joined Toshiba as its first female researcher four decades ago, Miyoko Watanabe has been championing gender diversity and visibility for women in science. We are revisiting this interview with her today on International Women’s Day 2022.

#Goals: 8 Women Scientists From Asia You Should Know

In celebration of International Women’s Day 2021, Asian Scientist Magazine highlights eight women blazing the trail in science across the region.

Making Electricity From Microwaves

A research team in Japan has developed a highly sensitive diode capable of converting microwaves to electricity.

One-Pot, Two-Step Synthesis For Organic Semiconductors

Scientists in Japan have discovered a simplified method to synthesize sulfur-based organic semiconductors more efficiently.

Researchers Zoom In On Silver Catalytic Reaction

With the aid of an atomic force microscope, researchers have observed a silver catalyst at work.

Dengue Hotspots More Likely To Spread Zika Virus: Study

Subtropical and tropical countries with a history of mosquito-borne diseases have the greatest risk of the virus spreading once it hits the country.

Double The Quantum Fun

A detailed analysis of the electrical characteristics of a tiny transistor made from two quantum dots could help researchers design devices to manipulate single electrons.

Changing Elements Boosts Battery Storage Capacity

Electrochemically inactive lithium oxides can be modified into high capacity electrodes for rechargeable batteries, study says.

A*STAR & JST Renew Research Collaboration

Building on success of their previous collaboration, the two national science agencies will renew their research partnership for another three years.

APEC Advisors Call For Science-Based Innovation

More can be done to strengthen scientific ties within APEC, said senior advisors at a high-level networking session held in New Zealand on August 30, 2014.