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7 Must-Read Stories In June 2018

Health threats like Nipah virus infection, cancer and Parkinson’s disease weighed on the minds of readers in June 2018.

Akira Yoshino: Inventing The Lithium Ion Battery

Dr. Akira Yoshino, father of the modern lithium ion battery and 2018 Japan Prize laureate, talks to Asian Scientist Magazine about energy, the future of cars and how curiosity makes a career.

Akira Yoshino Wins 2018 Japan Prize For Lithium Battery Breakthrough

Dr. Akira Yoshino, President of the Lithium Ion Battery Technology and Evaluation Center at Asahi Kasei, has been awarded the 2018 Japan Prize for his invention of lithium-ion batteries.

Materials Scientist Awarded 32nd Japan Prize

Professor Hideo Hosono, the man behind liquid crystal displays for tablets and organic light-emitting diode displays for TVs, has been recognized for his achievements.

Materials Scientist Awarded 2016 Japan Prize

Professor Hideo Hosono, who developed transistors for energy-saving LCD displays, has been recognized for his groundbreaking work with the 2016 Japan Prize.