japan atomic energy agency

Ultra-Intense Lasers Empty Atoms From The Inside Out

The J-KAREN femtosecond laser facility has been used to generate X-rays with a radiative temperature of 15,000,000°C.

Eisuke Tada Appointed Deputy-Director General Of ITER

Japanese scientist Dr. Eisuke Tada has been appointed to lead an international collaboration searching for feasible nuclear fusion energy options.

Finding A Place For Exotic Elements In The Periodic Table

The first accurate measurements of lawrencium's ionization potential throw up new questions on its position in the periodic table.

Bacteria Could Help Clean Up Radioactive Soil

A highly acidic protein from salt-loving bacteria could be used to remove radioactive cesium from contaminated soil.

Evidence For New Nuclear Magic Number

Researchers from RIKEN and the University of Tokyo have provided evidence for a new nuclear magic number in the unstable and radioactive calcium isotope 54Ca.

Scientists Achieve Efficient Production Of Coveted Nanocrystals

Scientists have found a way to efficiently produce cerium dioxide nanocrystals which are used for many industrial and medical applications.