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Double The Fight: Driving Change In Wrestling And Conservation (VIDEO)

With her relentless fighting spirit, marine scientist and pro wrestler Naomi Clark-Shen works to safeguard sharks and stingrays from overfishing.

Why Do Some Pitcher Plants Eat Poo?

Some pitcher plants have given up a carnivorous way of life to eat bat feces instead. Here's why.

Dengue Risk Could Decrease In Warmer Climates: Study

Contrary to current belief, researchers predict that the risk of dengue could in fact go down in a warmer climate.

Koala’s Genetic Diversity Suggests Decline Caused By Humans

Unlike other marsupials, koalas are not in bred, suggesting that other factors are responsible for their decline.

International Research On Barren Soil Bears Fruit

A Chinese-Australian collaboration has yielded insights on the main drivers of soil acidification, a major cause of low cropland productivity.

New Diagnostic Tool For Diabetes In Asia

Malaysia will officially adopt HbA1C as a diabetes diagnostic tool in late 2015 as a supplement to the existing blood glucose test.

Hiding In The Reefs Protects Epaulette Sharks From CO2

The oceans are getting more acidic, but living in the reefs has helped epaulette sharks cope, scientists say.

Got Celiac Disease? Have Some Hookworms!

Hookworms could help celiac disease patients increase their tolerance to gluten, study shows.

A New Measure Of Biodiversity

The CANAPE model unites genetic and spatial information, providing a more comprehensive understanding of biodiversity.

New Edible Catfish Discovered In North Queensland

A genetic analysis reveals that a commonly caught eel-tailed catfish is actually a distinct new species.