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Smuggled Pangolins Get Rehab Center In Cambodia

A new rehabilitation center in Cambodia will care for injured pangolins rescued from the country’s growing wildlife trade.

New Species Of Slow Loris Discovered In Borneo

Scientists have discovered three new species of slow loris in Borneo, rare among primates for having a toxic bite.

World’s 25 Most Endangered Primates Revealed In IUCN Report

The world’s 25 most endangered primates have been revealed in a new report released on Monday at the UN’s Convention on Biological Diversity COP11.

IUCN Scientists Release List Of World’s 100 Most Threatened Species

For the first time ever, scientists from the IUCN Species Survival Commission have identified 100 of the most threatened animals, plants, and fungi on the planet.

Happy Chinese New Year! Consumers Urged To Be Selective During New Year Festivities

Happy Chinese New Year! Consumers are urged to be especially vigilant in the lead up to Chinese New Year to minimize their consumption of threatened wildlife species.

531 Endangered American Species On IUCN Red List Not Protected, Study Says

A recent study from the University of Adelaide has shown that approximately 531 American species that are endangered or threatened are not being effectively protected.