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Chinese Particle Physicist Wins Young Scientist Award For Neutrino Discovery

Particle physicist Wen Liangjun has won IUPAP’s 2016 Young Scientist Award for his role in the discovery of the non-zero neutrino mixing angle θ13.

Element 113 Named ‘Nihonium’ In Honor Of Japan (VIDEO)

The first element to be discovered by an Asian team will likely be named nihonium, with the symbol Nh—a tribute to the researchers’ native Japan.

Want To Name Your Own Element On The Periodic Table? Here’s How.

Ever wondered how elements are officially added to the periodic table? Here's how the professionals get it done.

10 Things You Need To Know About Element 113 And Founder Kosuke Morita

Here are 10 things you should know about element 113, the first element discovered and named by researchers in Asia, and its founder, Kosuke Morita.

Element 113, Discovered By Asian Scientist, Made Official On New Year’s Eve

Element 113 is the first element on the periodic table to be discovered by an Asian scientist.