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Climate’s impact on agriculture worsens gender inequities

Researchers map hotspots to enable climate-informed policymaking for women farmers.

Dehusk Before Parboiling To Reduce Arsenic Levels In Rice

An international team of scientists showed that parboiling wholegrain rice reduced inorganic arsenic levels by 25 percent while more than doubling calcium content of the grains.

US FDA Approves Golden Rice

Golden Rice, a vitamin A-fortified rice variety, is deemed to have met the food safety standards of three leading regulatory agencies, including, most recently, the US FDA.

Planting The Seeds Of Food Security In Asia

In Asia, the humble rice grain has far-reaching impacts on lives and economies. Dr. Bruce Tolentino of the International Rice Research Institute shares his insights.

Singaporean Scientist Wins ASEAN Award For Rice Research

Dr. Yin Zhongcao has received the Outstanding Rice Scientist of Singapore Award at the ASEAN Rice Science and Technology Ambassadors Awards held in the Philippines.

The Importance Of Silicon In Rice Production

Silicon is not only useful for computer chips but also an important micronutrient for rice crops, scientists say.

Asia’s Invisible Women Farmers

Technology support for farmers should address the needs of women, who provide more than half of the agricultural labor input in Asia.

Can Science Solve Poverty?

Science may never completely solve the problem of poverty, but it will not be because it did not try, writes Crispin Maslog.

Vietnam Eyes Water-Saving Tech For Rice Farms

Although alternate wetting and drying technology can reduce water usage and greenhouse gas emissions, getting rice farmers to adopt this practice could be difficult.

Three Institute Collaboration Releases 3,000 Rice Genomes

A collaborative effort between the CAAS, BGI and the IRRI has published the genomes of 3,000 rice varieties, amounting to 13.4 terabytes worth of data.