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2018 L’Oréal-UNESCO For Women in Science Award Winners Announced

For their outstanding contributions to their fields of research, these four women scientists from Asia received 2018 L’Oréal-UNESCO For Women in Science Awards.

Chinese Paleontologist Wins 2018 L’Oréal-UNESCO Science Award

Fish paleontologist Professor Chang Meemann has won the 2018 L'Oréal-UNESCO For Women in Science Award

100,000 Year-Old Skulls Shed Light On The Origins Of Modern Humans

The ancestors of modern humans had features that resembled Neanderthals, according to a study of skull fragments found in China.

Toothy Insights Into Ancient Elephants’ Changing Diets

Researchers analyzed the wear and tear on fossilized elephant teeth to unearth the diets of these prehistoric animals.

Tibetan Fossils Reveal The Origins Of Ice Age Mountain Sheep

Fossils of sheep horns found in the Himalayas support the idea that modern mountain sheep first evolved from extinct Tibetan species.

New Bird Lineage From Early Cretaceous Period Found

A specimen named Chongmingia zhengi, recently found in China, sheds light on the early evolution of birds.

Neanderthal-Human Interbreeding Occurred Earlier Than Previously Thought

Researchers have identified when Neanderthals and modern humans interbred, and it is tens of thousands of years earlier than previous scientific estimates.

Well-Preserved Homo Erectus Skull Discovered in Eastern China

A Homo erectus skull estimated to be between 150,000 and 412,000 years old has been uncovered in Eastern China.

Bizzare, Bat-Winged Dinosaur Discovered In China

A dinosaur with bat-like wings suggests that ancient animals experimented with more forms of flight than previously thought.

Hong Kong’s First Dinosaur-Era Fish Identified

An undergraduate student has helped to identify the first vertebrate fossil from the Jurassic era to be discovered in Hong Kong.